Second City Sound offers many options for your location rental package.  Whether you’re building a single bag, or setting up for a multi-camera reality package, we can tailor a quote to fit your needs. 

If you have any questions or need a quote, please email us at or call us at 773-277-9320 for more information.


Rental Policy

Rentals may be picked up by appointment.  All rental gear must be returned by 11:00am on the agreed return date.  Late returns will be subject to an additional charge.  Set up and system operation is available (upon request at an additional charge).

Available for Rent Daily Rate
Sound Devices 302 35.00
Sound Devices 633 100.00
Sound Devices 688 150.00
Sound Devices 788T-SSD w/ CL-8 & CL-WiFi 150.00
Sound Devices CL-12 Alaia Red Controller 65.00
Sound Devices CL-12 Controller 50.00
Sound Devices SL-6 SuperSlot 75.00
Lectrosonics PDR Digital Recorder 35.00
Zoom F8 50.00
Zoom F-Control FRC-8 Mixing Control Surface 25.00
Zoom H4n Pro 25.00
Mackie Onyx 1220i FireWire Production Mixer 35.00
Bags and Accessories:
K-Tek and Orca Mixer Bags 5.00
Sound Devices WM-Connect Wing Man 5.00
Noise Reduction:
CEDAR DNS2 – Dialogue Noise Suppressor 150.00
Lectrosonics LT A1 Transmitter 37.50
Lectrosonics SSM A1 Micro Transmitter 37.50
Lectrosonics SMQV Dual Battery Transmitter 37.50
Lectrosonics SMV Single Battery Transmitter 37.50
Lectrosonics UM400a Transmitter 37.50
Lectrosonics LMa Transmitter 50.00
Lectrosonics HMa B1 Plug-On Transmitter 35.00
Lectrosonics HM Plug-On Transmitter 35.00
Lectrosonics LR A1 Receiver 37.50
Lectrosonics SRc A1/B1 Wideband Dual Channel Slot Mount Receiver 75.00
Lectrosonics SRb Dual Channel Slot Mount Receiver 75.00
Lectrosonics SRb5P Dual Channel Slot Mount Receiver 75.00
Lectrosonics UCR411a Receiver 37.50
Sennheiser G3 Kit 30.00
Sennheiser SKP100 Plug On Transmitter 20.00
Sennheiser AVX Wireless Lav Mic Set 35.00
Shure ULXD1 Bodypack Transmitter (G50: 470-534MHz) 37.50
Shure ULXD2 + SM58 Wireless Handheld (G50: 470-534MHz) 37.50
Shure ULXD4 Wireless Receiver (G50: 470-534MHz) 37.50
Wireless Accessories:
Lectrosonics SNA600 Dipole Antenna 5.00
RF Venue Diversity Fin Antenna 25.00
Lectrosonics SM Battery Eliminator 5.00
Lectrosonics SR9VBP 9V Battery Adapter 5.00
Lectrosonics SRSLEEVE Mounting Sleeve 5.00
Lectrosonics SRUNI Unislot Adapter Plate 5.00
Lectrosonics SRSUPER Bottom-Plate Adapter
Shure UA844 Antenna Distrobution 50.00
RF Venue 2.4 GHz CP Beam Antenna 20.00
eSunRc 2.4GHz WIFI Signal Booster 10.00
Sanken COS-11D Terminated Universal for Lectro TA5F/Lemo 15.00
DPA 4060 Lavalier Microphone 25.00
DPA 4061 Lavalier Microphone 25.00
DPA 4080 Lavalier Microphone 35.00
Countryman B6 Lavaliere Microphone 15.00
Tram TR50 10.00
Sennheiser ME2 Lavalier 7.50
Lav Accessories:
Ambient EMP3L 3-Pin Lemo to XLR 5.00
Ambient EMP5S TA5 to XLR 5.00
DPA DAD3056 Microdot to TA5 Adapter – Lectrosonics 5.00
DPA DAD6001-BC Microdot to XLR Adapter 5.00
DPA DAD6003 Microdot to Lemo 5.00
DPA DAD6010 Microdot to TA4 Adapter – Shure 5.00
DPA DAD6034 Microdot to 1/8″ Adapter – Sennheiser 5.00
Shotgun Microphones:
DPA 4017B Shotgun Microphone 50.00
Sanken CS-2 35.00
Sanken CS-3e 35.00
Sennheiser MKH 416 35.00
Sennheiser ME66 35.00
Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone 25.00
Shure VP-89 Shotgun Microphone 20.00
Handheld Microphones:
EV RE50N/D-B Handheld Microphone 10.00
Sennheiser MD46 Handheld Microphone 25.00
Shure VP-64 Handheld Microphone 15.00
DPA 4088 Headset Microphone 35.00
DPA 4098 Gooseneck Microphone 45.00
Sanken CUB TA5 or XLR 25.00
Sennheiser MKH 50 50.00
Sennheiser MZX 8000,MKH 8040,MZF8000 35.00
Sennheiser E 609 10.00
Shure SM48S-LC Switchable Microphone 10.00
Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone 10.00
Shure SM58 10.00
Shure Beta 58A 10.00
Shure MX391 Boundary Microphone 25.00
Shure VP-83F LensHopper Flash 25.00
Microphone Accessories:
Softies 5.00
Rycote Super-Shield 20.00
Rycote Lyre Pistol Grip 5.00
Denecke Dcode PS-1A Microphone Power Supply 10.00
Sound Devices MM-1 15.00
TRAM TR-79 Power Supply 5.00
iKan Boom Buddy 5.00
Avenger A2018FCB Short C-Stand w/ Grip Head 15.00
Atlas Desktop Microphone Stand 5.00
Atlas Roundbase Microphone Stand 5.00
Atlas Full Size Boom Stand 7.50
Mic Flag 2.00
Stereo Mic Bar 5.00
Boom Poles:
K-Tek Avalon KE89CC 10.00
K-Tek Klassic K102CC 15.00
K-Tek Klassic K152CCR 20.00
Comtek PR-216 IFB Receiver w/ Headphones 25.00
Comtek M-216 Option P7 Wireless Transmitter 35.00
Lectrosonics IFBR1a 19 IFB Reciever w/ Headphones 25.00
Lectrosonics IFBT4 19 IFB Transmitter 75.00
Audio Implement Earpiece 5.00
Remote Audio BDS 10.00
Audioroot BDS 10.00
Sound Guys Solution BDS 10.00
Remote Audio HI-Q Li-Ion 98WH 7.50
Remote Audio Single-Bay Charger 10.00
IDX Lithium Ion NP-L7S Battery 7.50
IDX JL-2 Plus NP Battery Charger 15.00
LMC NP1 AC Power Adapter 7.50
Sony L-Series Battery – Large/Medium/Small 5.00
AC Power Extension Cords 5.00
Motorola CP200d Radios w/ Batteries 12.50
Motorola CP200d Single Bay Charger 5.00
Motorola CP200d Six Bay Charger 30.00
Impact Surveillance Earpiece 5.00
Phonak Roger Basestation 65.00
Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic 65.00
Phonak Rogers Earpiece 65.00
Megaphones 30.00
Intercom Systems:
Clearcom Freespeak II 1.9 GHz System Call for Quote
QSC K-10 60.00
Ulitmate Speaker Stand TS-90B 10.00
 Neumann KH120 50.00
Roland MA-12 15.00
Fostex 6301B Personal Monitor 15.00
Time Code:
Denecke TS-C Smart Slate 50.00
Denecke Dcode SB-4 Sync Box 40.00
Mozegear TIG eQ Timecode Generator 40.00
Mozegear TIG Q28 Timecode Generator 40.00
Ambient Clockit ACL 202CT 40.00
Second City Sound Time Code Box SD-5L-2B 5.00
RED Time Code Cables 5.00
Specialized Time Code Cables 5.00
Sennheiser HD202 Headphones 5.00
Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones 5.00
Shure SRH440 Headphones 5.00
Sony MDR-7506 Headphones 5.00
Sound Devices HX-3 Headphone Amp 10.00
Rolls Headphone Amp 5.00
ART HeadAmp4 Headphone Amp 5.00
Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo Monitors 30.00
Magliner Senior with Shelf 35.00
Whirlwind IMP 1X3 Splitter 5.00
Whirlwind IMP 1X2 Splitter 5.00
Whirlwind 12 Channel Snake 15.00
Gepco 8 Channel Multi-box 10.00
Whirlwind pcDI 5.00
Radial J48 Active Direct Box 10.00
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Interface 20.00
JK Audio Inline Patch Telephone Audio Interface 25.00
JK Audio QuickTap Telephone Tap 10.00
Shure X2U XLR To USB 5.00

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please feel free to email or call us at 773-277-9320!