Community. That is Second City Sound.

Bringing together sound mixers and audio professionals working in the film and television industry.

SCS provides a comfortable, supportive and friendly environment to share stories and foster an exchange of ideas, networking, and the occasional after hours cold beverage. (It’s always 5:00 o’clock somewhere!*)

Our goal is to be your place. We take pride in providing you the highest level of service and integrity while being informative and honest. While part of our business is to sell equipment, our goal is to understand your needs short term, and guide you to make a wise investment so you buy the right equipment the first time.

Our team is dedicated to providing you the support system you need whether you’re in town everyday, or once or twice a year.

Our aim is for you to receive exceptional service and to have a positive experience whether it’s a purchase, repair or rental.

*Not to mention there is a giant brewery across the parking lot from us!