Bubblebee Windbubble PRO (Single)

Bubblebee Windbubble PRO (Single)


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Category: Expendables

The Windbubble PRO lav mic windshield consists of a soft rubber mount. Unlike hard plastic mounts this special rubber mount absorbs shocks and stops vibrations transferring to your mic’s capsule. The rubber mount holds the furry windshield firmly in place on your mic, making sure it doesn't slip off. In addition to this, the rubber mount has a slight conical shape inside, which ensures you can't push your microphone too far into the windshield. This is very important to ensure that your microphone has a "bubble" of dead-air around the capsule for optimal wind protection and audio clarity. This means that your mic will consistently stay in the best possible position for maximum efficiency.


XS - Built for omni microphones with a diameter of 3,0-5,0mm.
For Example:
Countryman B3, B6, E2, E3, E6, H6
Deity W.Lav Micro, W.Lav Pro
DPA 4466, 6060, 6061, 6066
Sanken COS-11 (without metal popshield)
Sennheiser HSP 2, HSP Essential Omni, MKE 1, MKE 2
Sony ECM-88, ECM-90

Small - Built for omni microphones with a diameter of 5,0-6,5mm:
For Example:
Deity W.Lav
DPA 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063, 4066, 4071, 4166, 4188, 4266, 4288, 4488
Røde Lavalier, Lavalier Go, SmartLav+, LINKLav
Sennheiser ME 2 ME 2 (old style with removable popshield 5.8mm ø from G2/G3 series)
Shure Duraplex DL4, DH5, Twinplex TL45, TL46, TL47, TL48, TH53, MVL
Sony ECM-77

Medium - Built for omni microphones with a diameter of 6,0-8,0mm:
For Example:
LOM mikroUši, mikroUši Pro
Sennheiser ME 2-US (old style with removable popshield 6.5mm ø from G3/G4 series)
Sony ECM-V1
Tascam TM-10L
Tentacle MIC-01